Meet the team


At Carrots & Cake we’re committed to teaching clients nutrition information in a realistic and simply way.


Melodie Ho

I am a Registered Dietitian who has an undeniable passion for anything and everything to do with food! I strongly believe that foods are not only meant for nourishing our minds and our bodies, they’re meant to be enjoyed! As a wife and mother, I actively try to instill this balanced food and nutrition approach in my growing family.

I joined Carrots & Cake in 2019 and have been taking the same approach with my clients as I do with my family. I want my clients to confidently embrace the concept that all foods can fit while feeling empowered to make informed decisions about the foods they are choosing.

I love helping people achieve their nutrition goals whether they are to gain accurate nutrition knowledge, set personalized health goals, or learn how to incorporate nutrition into a busy lifestyle. Healthy eating is an important aspect of overall wellness so I encourage you to work with me if you’re interested in maximizing your health and well-being.

Melodie’s areas of expertise:

  • Diabetes Prevention and Management

  • Heart Health

  • Women’s Health:

    • Fertility Nutrition

    • Prenatal and postpartum nutrition

  • Family Nutrition

    • Infant feeding

    • Picky eating

    • Food allergy and intolerance

    • Menu planning for the whole family

  • Plant-based Eating

Kind Words about Melodie

“The dietitian I worked with was Melodie and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know searching for the same thing I was - better choices for a balanced diet leading to overall better lifestyle/health. She listened to my concerns and after we discussed how to proceed with better nutrition she asked me if I wanted her to write everything down oh my goodness that was very helpful and appreciated as I have referred to it a few times already and took it to my doctor today he agreed it is something I should try and was very impressed how the information was written down and presented.” - Anonymous

“As a new vegan, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing any important nutrients from my diet. Melodie had an abundance of resources and tips for me to get started and was very friendly and knowledgeable. I left my appointment with confidence knowing that I could hit all my nutritional targets each day, time well spent.” – JS

“Melodie is very caring and cordial. I have been seeing her for over two months and my eating habits have changed completely.  Melodie's thoughtful guidance has helped me in losing weight. I feel more energized.” – AK